Thursday, 28 August 2014

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So how did I go from planning conferences to opening my own laser studio?  An interesting journey to say the least!  I loved the world of planning conferences and events and bringing people together from all over the world to learn from each other.  I worked hard and had a great career...enter the biological clock...tick tock, tick tock...

Yes it was time, my amazing husband and I decided, to think about a family!  And with my honed planning skills, we planned our little family, the perfect fit for us.  First a handsome son with Daddy's charm and persuasive skills, not to mention the entrepreneurial spirit and natural athleticism!  Not long after, a beautiful daughter, with Mommy's sense of planning, she arrived naturally on the day I chose, not the due date science gave her, and brought with her a love of all things girly.

With two precious babes and part-time gig helping my husband with his growing company, there was no time or desire to return to my former career. Being the social butterfly, I could not just sit around with the kids and send out invoices for work my husband did...I had to re-invent my social network!  I needed good, grown-up conversations with like-minded women, where we could commiserate about sleepless nights, delight in first steps and first words, and also plan for some girl time, spa visits, nights away, sleeping in, shopping, eating...

These moments with such special women continue to help me make it through the challenges of motherhood, sharing our stories and lives until one day, the "first borns" head off to school, followed by siblings, excited to become big kids too. 

With post-partum struggles, toddler tantrums, and pre-school antics behind me, a new plan emerged in my head.  A plan to build a business that would help women, always their own worst critics, feel better about themselves, gain some self-esteem, and conquer what they felt were their flaws.  Not with counselling or self-help strategies but by addressing what bothers them most.  I see the beauty in people that they may not see themselves when they are focused on these perceived flaws.  And while I don't think removing some hair or smoothing a wrinkle is the answer for everyone, it can help a woman feel more confident about herself, so she can let her true beauty shine through, from the inside out!

That is what Pretty In Skin is all about, helping women to feel great about the skin they're in!

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