Friday, 10 April 2015

That UP-lifting Feel of Spring is in the Air

I just love the feel of Spring!  It's so UP-lifting. That smell you notice on the prairie as the frozen manure thaws and the scent wafts UP in the air - OK well maybe I don't love this so much but it is a sure sign of spring on the prairies and does remind me of my youth and the carefree feel of spring! So much to look forward too!

The weather is warming UP.
Flowers are starting to pop UP.
Buds on trees are poking UP.
Spring clothing colours are showing UP.
Green grass is bursting UP.
The sun is now rising as I wake UP.

It's like a new beginning as we emerge from our winter hibernation! Many people feel a new energy in the Spring and get ready to tackle some fresh projects. It's also a great time to re-focus on taking care of you.  Make the best of Spring, get UP and get going!

If you are doing some Spring Clean-UP, don't forget your skin care products.  Check your bottles, tubes and containers - most recommend tossing them once they have been open for 12 months though some are six months and some may be as long as 24 months.  After this time, they may start to break down and the texture may not remain the same. They may also lose some of their effectiveness. While you're at it, check the expiry date on your sunscreen and toss it if it's time is done!

Spring is also a great time to consider switching things UP with your skin care routine.  It may just be time to invest in a good quaility line that works with your skin type.  I'd love to help you find what's right for you!  Since my goal is to help you feel great about the skin you're in, I'd also be happy to discuss with you how microdermabrasion or a laser facial can take things to a new level and really brighten UP your complexion!

Finally, as you start to spend more time outdoors, remember that while a small dose of Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, can be a good thing, you should always protect your skin with sunscreen if you'll be out for too long. I recommend Serene UVA/UVB Sheild in an SPF 30.  A good way to make sure you are protected is to include a facial sunscreen with your morning skin care routine - that way you are ready to step UP and get outside.

Cheers to Spring! Now turn off your computer or device and get UP and get going!

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