Thursday, 3 September 2015

Inspired by Real Life, Real Women, Real Results

Feeling inspired this week!  I love helping all my clients to feel great about the skin they're in.  You are all beautiful. Three women this week in particular have made me so glad to be doing what I do!

It is so rewarding to help someone feel like herself again. An IPL skin firming treatment can make a subtle change with big benefits.  I've been treating a working mom who felt like she always looked angry at her kids because of some forehead creases. I was happy to see her again this week and tighten up those creases a bit.  This subtle change helped soften the frown lines and bring back the normally happy and easy going visage of this talented, youthful mom. 

It is an honour to be trusted by women to help with what can be an embarrassing situation.  Age, hormones, and certain medications may lead to unwanted facial hair in women.  For one lovely client this week, it is a daily burden to deal with.  Shaving can be tiresome and doesn't always lead to smooth skin.  Sugaring and threading are options but are not permanent either.  Laser hair removal is a great option for the face.  Though it takes several sessions, the end result can be amazing.  I love helping my clients realize the freedom of not having to worry about facial hair.   

It warms my heart to see a bride the day before her wedding for her final treatment in preparation for the big day.  Today's bride was simply glowing when she arrived and was delighted to leave with even softer, smoother skin.  She was determind from the first time I spoke with her two months ago, and had worked out a plan, in conjunction with her dermatologist, to have the most beautiful skin possible by the time she said I Do.  I love that she looks gorgeous and feels great about herself!

So, to these three inspirational women this week, and to all of you, remember you are beautiful! And if there is something you aren't happy about when it comes to your skin, let me know, prehaps I can help you to feel great about the skin you're in!

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