Thursday, 19 July 2018

Benefits of Treating Yourself to Regular Facials

At Pretty In Skin Laser Studio, our goal is to help you feel great about the skin you’re in!  That’s just one of the reasons we feel it’s important to get regular facials!  Read on for more benefits of treating yourself to facials throughout the year!

Learn More About Your Skin

Our facials include a skin analysis where your esthetician will assess your skin under proper lighting with a magnifier.  This skin analysis, combined with a discussion of your skin care habits, will assist us in recommending the products you should be using for your skin type.  We don’t just send you home with products though, we will teach you how to use them and why!  Remember, your skin is constantly changing, so it’s important to get regular check-ups to see if anything in your routine needs to be adjusted!  
Home Skincare Guidance
Regular facials will help you maintain smooth skin and refined pores.  With a clean slate, your skincare products can penetrate the layers of skin more effectively to do what they are meant to do. Armed with the products recommended by your esthetician and our advice on how to kick your routine into gear, you’ll be on a path towards healthier skin. With regular visits to our studio, we can monitor changes in your skin and help you tweak your at-home regime. 

Clearing Up Those Pores

A Pretty In Skin Facial includes gentle extraction of blackheads, pimples and milia.  We always recommend that you don’t pick at any skin lesions and leave the extractions to the pro’s. A do-it-yourself job can lead to facial scarring, broken capillaries and acne flare-ups and no one wants that. Extraction should be a delicate procedure that is performed hygienically and carefully, we use our fingers and are very gentle, no harsh metal tools here. Cleansing alone won’t completely clear out your pores, first we steam to open them up, then we carefully extract and tone to get rid of build-up and bacteria. Afterwards, your skin will breathe better and look healthier.
Four Seasons of Skin Care
In Calgary’s four season climate, your skin also changes with the seasons and has different needs based on the temperature and humidity level.. Our dry winters can really dehydrate your skin so a hydrating facial will help to restore lost moisture.  Summer facials will work to thoroughly clean those pores from extra sunscreen build up and can assist in calming sun-damaged skin. Getting a facial in the Spring will help wake up and refresh dull post-Winter skin, and a Fall facial will get your complexion ready for the cold dry months ahead.

Masks Tailored to Your Needs

We have found that many of our clients don’t use a mask regularly, even if they have a good skin care routine in general. Lots of clients have good intentions of keeping up with a healthy skincare routine but with busy schedules, it’s easy to keep putting off that weekly mask. A Pretty In Skin facial will use steam to open pores prior to extractions. Your skin will then have an easier time absorbing products used in the mask, serum and moisturizer that follows.  Masks can be tailored to your skin’s needs, they may have anti-aging ingredients or be used to calm, hydrate or decongest the skin. 

Facial Massage

Our Spa Facials include face, décolletage as well as arm, hand and foot massages. Facial massage has been shown to ease muscle tension, increase lymphatic flow, hydrate the surface layer of the skin, bring nutrients to the surface, relax the nerves, stimulate circulation, release toxins and oxygenate the skin’s tissues. The end result is more youthful, glowing skin

Deep Cleansing

No matter your skin type, a regular deep cleansing can be a great benefit.  A Pretty In Skin Hydrasonic Facial offers deep cleansing at it’s best.  The Hydrasonic brush will gently and efficiently remove dirt and oil build up and your facial will also include extractions, a mask and products to help hydrate your skin.  You will leave feeling rejuvenated and your skin will be soft and glowing.
A Professional Eye
At Pretty In Skin, your facial therapist will complete a skin analysis and discuss how we can help with your specific skin issues.  With regular facials and a solid skin care routine at home, our goal is to help you improve your skin and feel great about it!  Some skin concerns are tough to tackle on your own so we are here to help! 

Professional Exfoliation

Your skin renews itself approximately every 28 days.  As dead skin cells slough off, they sometimes get caught in pores causing clogs which can lead to acne.  It can also make your skin look dull.  Other reasons for a dull complexion include drinking alcohol, exposure to UV rays, smoking, illegal drug use, air pollution and stress. A professional can help return your skin’s natural glow by incorporating exfoliation into your facial treatments.  At Pretty In Skin, our Spa Facials and Hydrasonic Facials include exfoliation.  To step it up a notch, we also offer microdermabrasion incorporated into your facial, or on its own, to give you a professional exfoliation which will help encourage healthy cell turnover by removing dead skin cells.  If used consistently, over time, professional exfoliating methods can help to diminish facial scarring, including those caused by acne.

Alleviate Stress

As mentioned above, stress is one of the contributing factors to dull looking skin.  We know your life is busy and you are often on the go or dealing with challenges that bring stress to your life.  We also know you probably don’t take enough time to care for yourself, most of us don’t. Spending an hour in the peaceful, relaxing environment at Pretty In Skin on a regular basis can help you feel relaxed and let go of some of that stress. 


There’s nothing we can do to stop ourselves from aging. But we can take care of our skin to make sure we delay the appearance of those visual signs of aging that we all dread.  If you think about it, it’s a lot like maintaining your hair with regular cuts and your teeth with regular visits to the dentist. Treating yourself to regular facials will promote healthy cell turnover, boost collagen production, maintain hydration, decrease stress, and minimize the appearance of large pores. By maintaining healthy skin balance we are promoting the long term health of your skin and fighting back against those signs of aging.
A Special Note on Teens and Tweens
Many people will first experience acne in the tween or teenage years.  At Pretty In Skin, we want young people to feel great about their skin so we like to educate them on proper skin care so they can grow up feeling confident about the way they look!  We like to encourage them to develop the habit of maintaining a good skin care routine. As they age and hormones rage, regular facials can help manage the over-production of oil that often comes with puberty. We encourage parents to be present in the studio during facials so they can hear the advice we give and help re-inforce it at home.  We also know that skin care advice (or any advice for that matter) is often more easily accepted by teens if it comes from someone other than a parent!

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